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This book is a small collection of Photographs taken on a trip to Papua New Guinea in August, 2009. I travelled with a small group to Port Moresby, Wewak, Kairiau Island, Ambunti, Simbai, Madang, Paiya and Mount Hagen. The highlights of my trip were the Crocodile Festival in Ambunti on the Upper Sepik River and watching people painstakingly put on makeup and practice their singing and dancing in Paiya. Payia is a village 2 hours from Mount Hagen where many tribes prepare themselves for the famous Mount Hagen Cultural Festival the following day. We also really enjoyed visiting a small village near Simbai in central PNG.

The Mt Hagen show was originally held to bring the many tribes together where they were encouraged to dress in traditional costumes and to dance and sing with each other. In Pidgin language, this is known as a ‘Sing-Sing’. There were over one hundred different ‘Sing-Sing’ groups, each having their faces artistically painted and wearing traditional costumes decorated with shells, pigs tusks and feathers. The singing and dancing along with the colourful costumes created an amazing spectacle. Each tribe competes at the show in front of judges for the honour of being ‘best in show’.

We were often invited to visit small villages and schools where we were always warmly welcomed as guests.

In terms of Biodiversity, Papua New Guinea boasts over 3000 different species of Orchids and 760 different know species of birds.

I hope that this book will give you inspiration to visit this fascinating place one day.

I have included a selection of images taken on a trip to Papua New Guinea in 2009. Also shown on this website is a book complied from those images.

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