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My Photography

I have always found that my camera can be a way of connecting with my subjects. The camera gives me an opportunity to communicate without knowing the language, only simple and genuine smiles-the universal language. My camera creates the beginning of a conversation. With some simple gestures and sign language, I ultimately establish a friendly rapport with my subjects. This often enables me to achieve a more natural, relaxed image.

I primarily focus on and enjoy portrait photography. I find that a person’s face can be indicative of, and connect me to, their underlying character. In many ways, the expression on their face and the intensity in their eyes may reveal a part of their life style and the type of environment in which they live. The friendly and spiritual nature of the Indigenous people in many of the countries I have visited has given me memorable photographic opportunities I will always treasure and enjoy sharing with others.

So many interesting cultures, like those in India, Africa, Myanmar and China are changing and seem to be ‘Westernizing’ and abandoning their fascinating cultural heritage at an unbelievable speeds. I believe that it important to photographically record these fast changing cultures before they eventually disappear.